Our company is the exclusive dealer for GE Greece since 2001. Our collaboration guarantees quality of services to our customers. With our highly qualified staff and the assistance from GE, we are able to offer our customers with complete support.

As an authorized GE Dealer, our company undertakes the nationwide, exclusive sale of officially refurbished GE ultrasound machines.

These systems are refurbished at the GE refurbishing center in Austria which is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 for its premises and procedures.

With respect to the refurbishing of the ultrasound machines, they pass through the following stages:

  • Initial check: At this stage, the ultrasound machine is checked and its condition is recorded.
  • Disassembly - Biological cleaning: The ultrasound machine is completely disassembled and is biological cleaned to ensure the hygiene for the next user.
  • Replacement - Assembly: Any part of the ultrasound machine that needs to be changed (keys, buttons, plastics, boards, screens, etc.) is replaced with a new part and the system is reassembled.
  • Final check - Certification: The ultrasound machine passes through a quality check and is connected to a special machine which electronically checks the entire system in order to verify that all the boards operate within the strict factory specifications.\nFinally, the final check certificate is issued as is the official refurbishing certificate, which accompanies each ultrasound machine.
    Every officially refurbished ultrasound machine operates and looks like new!

Every officially refurbished ultrasound machine operates and looks like new!

The owner of such a system has the following privileges:

  • The ability to choose new probe heads (sealed in their box)
  • The ability to permanently activate up to five additional options of choice.
  • The ability to connect the ultrasound machine to InSite (the GE remote service tool).
  • The ability to extend the warranty.
  • Presentation - setting of ultrasound machine by highly-qualified personnel.


True to our continuous effort for improvement, we certified our company according to ISO 001:2015 and the ministerial decision 1348/2004.