Terms of Use

Date: 2/12/2020


To enhance your online experience, we would like to inform you that on the website www.paraskevopoulos-medical.gr our company uses cookies. The use of cookies helps in improving the website’s functions and facilitates your browsing and your choices. Consequently, we are able to offer tailored content, detect the pages that need improvement and perform a website traffic analysis.

Our primary objective is to protect your privacy. Therefore, we urge you to take some time to read this policy, so that you understand the type of cookies we use, the information that we collect with these cookies and how this information is used. By visiting our company’s website, you declare that you consent to us tracking your activities and your use of services and functions via cookies, as well as similar technologies that may be developed in the future.

Cookies a small files with information that a website stores on a user’s computer (usually on the web browser, such as Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, Edge, etc.), so that when the user connects to the webpage, the latter retrieves this information and provides the user with relevant services. A typical example of such information is the user’s preferences on a webpage, as declared by the choices that user makes on the specific webpage (e.g., selection of specific “buttons”, searches, etc.).


There are four cookie categories depending on their function and the purpose for which they are used.

These allow the website to provide its basic functions, such as browsing and accessing secure areas of the website. Strictly necessary cookies are essential for the website to function properly and to serve the purpose of the user’s visit (e.g. information).
sed for the proper and smooth functioning of the website and allow the website to “remember” the user’s choices, so that its provides improved and tailored functions according to his/her needs and interests. This category includes cookies with secure browsing information.
hese cookies help us understand how our visitors use various pages by collecting and reporting anonymous information. Therefore, we are able to understand if users are encountering a problem or if a page needs to be improved. Moreover, we draw useful information to improve the performance of our website in general.
These cookies are used to provide users with ads that are relevant to the users and their interests. They may be used for sending targeted advertising or tailored offers to the user. They also help us measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


The company divides cookies into 4 different categories:

Strictly Necessary Cookies
a. We use these cookies for proper and smooth operation of our website
b. We use these cookies to improve the security of our company’s website.
c. These cookies are essential and cannot be disabled in this website .
Performance Cookies
We use performance cookies to improve our online services by using analytics and statistics, survey pop-ups and overall monitoring of the website’s uptime and performance.
These cookies are optional and can be disabled from ‘‘Cookie settings” at the top of the page.

Functionality Cookies
We use functionality cookies to save your sign in details (credentials) on our website for your next visit.
In addition, we use these cookies to enhance your user experience by saving some of your selections.
These cookies are optional and can be disabled from ‘‘Cookie settings” at the top of the page.
Marketing and Social Media Cookies
For your best experience as a user on our website we use these cookies to keep a record on the pages you have visited, or to provide you with the most relevant services (such as “nearest hotel”, etc.). This may lead to targeted advertising and to other websites, other than ours, when visiting our website.
These cookies allow you to share the website pages of interest to you via social media.
These cookies are optional and require you express consent, either from the appearing cookies banner or from the “Cookies Settings” at the top of the page.
Our company, third-party service providers or our collaborators may also use cookies or other behavioral analysis technologies to manage and measure the success of their advertising on other websites that you visited.
When visiting the company’s website, third-parties may initiate and have access to similar behavioral analysis technologies, whereas when using our website, they may have access to information about you and your online activities over time and across different websites or various applications. The use of such technologies by third parties is out of our control and is subject to their data protection policies.


Most web browsers have been set to accept cookies. Generally speaking, you can disable browser cookies at any time. In addition, you may be able to set up your web browser to warn you before you accept certain cookies or reject others. However, if you disable the use of cookies on your web browser, some of the company’s website functions may be difficult to use or may not work properly.